Who is GOMO Educational Services?

Founded by Dr. Josue Falaise in 2017, GOMO Educational Services is a professional development organization that supports educators at all levels in every area to build their professional capacity to ensure effective and research-based practices. While all educators will gain from the services provided, our primary focus is working with school and district/organization leaders and their teams to sustain the impact of content and concepts learned to better serve the school system or organization. We offer a vast array of services that are aligned to our mission and vision.

Services Offered

  • Network Building
  • On-Site Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Keynote Addresses
  • Audits
  • Consulting
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Community Talks
  • Program Design

Client Testimonies

The key to success is not what you do, it is how you feel about what you are doing. The one thing we as educators have in common is how we design our approach in developing our pupils. Dr. Falaise drives home the fact that equity should be at the forefront of all we do. Thank you kindly Sir for speaking truth to the fact that equity has no color or gender. It is obvious that you love what you do!

Dr. Falaise provided a transformational keynote address during our convocation. He personalized the message, sharing his own truth, from the perspective of a young first generation American immigrant student. He connected with the audience of more than 700 educators and delivered a powerful message that contributed to an outstanding opening of school for our district.

I was present at your September 3rd keynote address at Union High School.  In addition to being inspired and rejuvenated, I was reminded to never lose faith in what all of our students will become in the coming days, weeks, months and years.  Students will remember, perhaps for their entire lives, what we said to them and how we made them feel. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and lifting our spirits!

Dr. Falaise’s keynote address during South Orange Maplewood School District’s 2019 Convocation captured everyone’s attention and it exemplified the disconnect that often exists between evidence-best practice and actual practice at the district, school and classroom level. As a former school principal, his vision-driven leadership contributed to improved student learning and overall teaching practices.

Thank you so much for sharing the importance of hearing students’ voices. Your message was powerful, and I can truly say it was well received by all. I am excited about our partnership, and I’m looking forward to the wonderful learning experiences I will share with the district administrators.

This year was our district’s first year of being part of the Equity Leadership Network. The experience my team and I had during all of the professional development sessions was unbelievably informative, thought provoking, at times difficult and real, but most importantly helped our district to make real changes so that all of our students begin to feel a sense of belonging, a part of our school community and to learn in a safe and culturally sensitive environment. We continue to use many of the lessons learned at the Equity Leadership Network to adjust our lens for making decisions that will positively affect all students but mostly those who continue to be marginalized in our educational system.

Our district was at the crossroads of taking what we were doing were well and expanding it to reach a broader group. The Equity Leadership Network assisted us as we honed our practices by giving clarity and invaluable resources. This professional development series was the most comprehensive learning opportunity for leaders from the initial steps of defining educational equity for our district to mobilizing the movement within our communities to intentionally having equitable policies and backing it with finances. My district leadership team attendees became well equipped from participating in the Equity Leadership Network. It translated through their actions taken and their perspectives addressed as a district leadership team to ensure that all students are counted.

The Equity Leadership Network was informative and inspired us to ensure equity in our schools through a variety of lenses. It provided a form for our team to learn from other districts as well as share experiences in and around equity issues. The opportunity to hear from Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings and other practitioners in the field was HUGE because we left with strategies to address equity gaps in our districts.

The equity leadership network was an excellent opportunity to bring educators together in collaboration to brainstorm cultural competence and equitable practices. I love being able to learn what other districts are doing an bring actionable tasks back to my district. I participated two years in a row and even though we are on the right track, I still learned many new ideas in each session.

Our leadership team was afforded the opportunity to assess our current practices through a comprehensive framework. Recognized thought leaders in the field provided interactive presentations and authentic “real-world” examples. The most beneficial aspect of the network was to collaborate with colleagues from around the state to share ideas and identify practices.

Dr. Falaise is a leader in providing Equity training for school districts. Somerdale School District’s membership in the Equity Leadership Network provided us with tools, strategies and mindset to create an equitable environment for students, parents and staff. With empathy and a compassionate approach to equity and access, we were able to begin the difficult task of creating an equitable environment for our school district.

Dr. Falaise kicked off our administrative training in the fall of 2019 on Cultural Competence for School Leaders. He guided our district administrators with practices and mindsets displaying what it means to be a culturally competent leader with engaging activities that required each attendee to reflect on their cultural competence level in alignment to the district’s collective level. As a result, we have seen a difference in conversations taking place in our administrative meetings and a difference in steps they are taking and considering towards raising the voice of marginalized populations.

Dr. Falaise is a dedicated professional who goes above and beyond because he truly believes in the work. He has worked with Copeland Middle School to create an embedded and sustained Restorative Practices framework that serves the best interest of every child in the building. In a world where so many people are selling packaged products, Dr. Falaise goes far beyond our expectation to deliver authentic professional development services to help the administration and staff for the sake of all students.

I think the time that you invested to create that level of engagement in a virtual experience is quite commendable.  Additionally, the grace with which you navigated the technological confounds of the experience is commendable. I appreciated the opportunity to debrief many of the activities; the learning is really in those reflective experiences when we get to understand the “why” behind the “what”.  And, I think the fact that you had us experience the “why” after the “what” was that much more impactful and enlightening. And, as again effective educator does, you did a great job of ensuring that closure occurred despite the fact that we had to invest a few minutes more.  I applaud you for making sure that we didn’t leave the experience without having it all “tied up” for ourselves (or at least neatly tied up for this first step!).  You can tell that you are organized and a planner for sure.

GOMO Educational Services’ keynote address was outstanding! Thanks to GOMO, our teachers were inspired and better equipped to begin to have difficult conversations in the classroom regarding equity and racism. Uncomfortable conversations can lead to a better sense of community. Thank you, GOMO, for helping us see this!  

This past week, our district had the distinct pleasure of hosting GOMO Educational Services’ Alhassan Susso for a motivating keynote address. By sharing his personal journey, Mr. Susso clearly demonstrated the power of perseverance and determination. Overcoming incredible odds, he came out on the other side as a true changemaker, impacting the lives of students and educators alike. His thought-provoking questions and positive mindset serve as an inspiration to us all!  

In addition to the incredible keynote, GOMO Educational Services provided our district leadership team with an impactful equity workshop that invited us to engage in meaningful and critical conversations. Dr. Josue Falaise facilitated this session, which challenged us to explore our level of cultural competency, both individually and as a district. Through this assessment, we were able to celebrate successes, acknowledge areas for improvement, and establish goals that will allow us to personally and professionally develop and grow. 

Thank you, Alhassan Susso and Dr. Josue Falaise, for providing top-notch professional services to our team. We look forward to working with you again! 

Wow! Just Wow! The keynote address from GOMO Educational Services was so powerful and timely considering all we are dealing with as educators during this COVID-19 crisis. Alhassan Susso captivated the entire audience from beginning to end; even a virtual barrier proved to be no barrier to this impactful educator. It was the perfect message to start the uncertainty of this school year; a not so subtle reminder that we control the perspective and we control the narrative and that we may be the only hope and the only lifesaver our students may have. I challenge any human to walk away unmoved, untouched, and forever unchanged. Alhassan Susso understands what motivates us all as educators and brings it bubbling to the service. I’m sure if GOMO could see the viewers, there would be few dry eyes.



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