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A 16 Week Journey:

Week 1: How do you define equity in education?

Week 2: What are your core beliefs?

Week 3: What are your core values?

Week 4: Are you colorblind?

Week 5: Do you have inclusively inviting facilities?

Week 6: Are students civically engaged?

Week 7: What story do your textbooks tell?

Week 8: Are your policies procedures oppressive?

Week 9: Can Restorative Practices work in my school/district/organization?

Week 10: How do you see your authority?

Week 11: Whose voice is most empowered?

Week 12: How safe is it to share?

Week 13: Is your curriculum and instruction culturally responsive?

Week 14: What is the power of a professional learning community (PLC)?

Week 15: How are you getting the community involved?

Week 16: What’s the story about your organization’s culture?

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