1. What is the purpose of this company?

Our mission is to provide professional development and executive level training through transformative learning experiences that enable school leaders and staff to recognize and address social and cultural barriers to student achievement. We aim to equip districts with the necessary tools to overcome these barriers and improve social emotional learning habits and student academic success.

Our vision is to seek to build the capacity of educators to focus on empowering student voice and agency by helping staff recognize social and cultural barriers to student achievement. Through relevant learning opportunities, district staff can learn to create strong, positive connections with students so that students can build with confidence and gain academic knowledge.

For more information, please visit our About page – https://gomoedservices.com/about/

  1. How and when do I know my institution needs equity assistance?

To determine your need for equity assistance, please respond to the following questions in the Pursuit of Educational Equity page under “More” https://gomoedservices.com/pursuit-of-educational-equity/

  1. What are the advantages to partnering with you and what differentiates GOMO Educational Services from another program?

GOMO Educational Services has educational experts that design authentic learning experiences through six different platforms: Network Building, On-Site Workshops, Conferences, Keynote Addresses, Equity Audits, and Equity Consulting. The service-learning platforms offer every educator the opportunity to build their professional capacity.

  1. How can GOMO Educational Services meet the challenges we are facing?

Our experts do not meet the challenge but help build the capacity of organizational personnel collectively to address their prospective adaptive challenges. The time, effort and commitment of organizational personnel to implement content and concepts modeled by expert facilitators with fidelity and making modifications according to their school community’s needs will help the steps necessary for addressing their challenges faced.

  1. How do I partner with GOMO Educational Services?

Please complete the Contact Form on our website https://gomoedservices.com/. One of our GOMO Educational Services team members will reach out to you with three business days.

  1. Can I join a Network Building Opportunity after the registration’s closing date?

We will be happy to have you; however, Network Building Op occurs throughout an entire school year. Anyone who doesn’t join from the start of the year would be missing out on valuable learning content and concepts. As a result, we hope to see you participate in a cohort the following school year. https://gomoedservices.com/services-offerings/

  1. All of the ideas and content seem fantastic but does your training really work and can they help change and improve systemic challenges of the past?

Our expert practitioners work directly with our participants and clients. We are here to support and guide through the process of helping people and systems become more equitable. The process for each organization will look different, therefore, the results will also.

  1. Is GOMO Educational Services on any social media platform?

Yes, anyone can follow GOMO Educational Services by going to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook utilizing the same handle @gomoeds on all three social media platforms.

  1. Do you offer online or virtual conferences, workshop?

Due to the current climate, all our services are being held virtually. Once we are confident that our GOMO Educational Services personnel are safe to resume in person services, we will be do so. Please review our website, brochures and flyers for available dates and locations https://gomoedservices.com to determine whether an event is being held in person or virtually.  Each event has its own specific online registration link and QR code. It will send people directly to the Bookings page to register for events.

  1. How can my institution get GOMO Educational Services to offer us organizational trainings?

Because we offer customized services, the trainings will be designed according to your organizational needs. For on-site and virtual trainings, the contact form https://gomoedservices.com/#contact will need to be completed and submitted and one of our GOMO Educational Services team members will reach out to the organization liaison within three business days to setup a consultation meeting.

  1. What is your method/terms of payments?

There are only two methods of payment: purchase orders (PO) and PayPal.

  1. Is Dr. Falaise the only person facilitating all the workshops/conferences himself?

Dr. Falaise does facilitate some of the workshops and conferences. However, GOMO Educational Services has a team of experts facilitating training opportunities around the world.

  1. I’m interested but I need more info. How do I get in contact with someone?

Complete the Contact Form on the website https://gomoedservices.com/ One of our GOMO Educational Services team members will reach out to you with three business days.

  1. If for some reason, I need to cancel or postponed a planned workshop, will GOMO Educational Services honor it?

Our cancellation policy is any person or organization that cancels seven or more business days before the workshop event, they are potentially eligible for a full refund. Anyone cancelling six business days or less before the event can send someone in place of the original registrant or forfeit 50% of the fees. In the event, there is a serious matter, you will reach out to huberte@gomoedservices.com or annelisa@gomoedservices.com

  1. Is GOMO Educational Services offered internationally or is it only for US?

GOMO Educational Services is ready to serve organizations around the world. Currently, our organization only supports English speakers, readers and writers.