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The Power of the Differently Abled

The days of looking at people’s different abilities as disabilities are over. If not, they should be. When I was in either second or third grade, I developed a stutter. In the fourth grade, I was designated for speech services while in catholic school. Another student of color in my class and I had to […]

Cultural Cataracts, Part 1

The medical definition of cataracts is the clouding of the lens of the eyes.  The eyes provide sight and visual detail. When the eye is infected with cataracts, the sight becomes blurry and lacks the ability to see clearly. Although cataracts is traditionally used in medicine, cataracts can be applied to a cultural lens.  Cultural […]

How Important are Teacher Walkthroughs?

How Important are Teacher Walkthroughs? In addition to performing mandated formal observations, administrators conduct classroom walkthroughs of teachers to gauge teaching and learning. In some districts, administrators are required to perform the informal and formal walkthroughs and in other districts, they are suggested. Regardless of it being required or not, we can agree that students […]

What’s the Big Deal with Leading Change?

What’s the Big Deal with Leading Change? Why are there so many books, articles, and videos etc. about people that are leading or have led change? What is the big deal? We see and hear about the myriads of school and district administrators leading change in their school districts. However, there are countless untold stories […]